Joan Of Arc

Joan in her armor and sword.

Joan Of Arc was a famous female from the medieval period. Born January 6th, 1412 in the village of Donremy, on the border of Eastern France. Born into a peasant family she would soon prove to the world that even the most unlike person could accomplish the most difficult task. When Joan was a child she saw visions and had verbal communications with angels and saints. She would be the one to rise up to the challenge of leading an army to save France and make Charles the rightful king. Even after all this she still suffers an unbelievable fate.

In the beginning

In 1424, at the age of twelve Joan started to experience visions of both verbal and visible figures of saints and angels. The visions were of St.Catherine,St.Margaret and the Archangel Michael. When she was younger these voices and visions told her to, "be a good girl" and to, "go to church on a regular basis". In 1428, the visions told her to go to France to drive out the English and Burgundians. The visions also told her they had taken pity on the French population for the suffering they had endured during the war.

At the young age of seventeen, Joan left home. She went to the town of Vaucovleurs to ask the garrison commander for a horse,armor and an escort of a few men. She was getting prepared to see Charles VII of France. With the country falling apart Charles saw that Joan was his only hope to help restore France. He was open for anything. The 100 years war with England divided France. The English won every battle with the attempt to caprture the French throne. At the time when Joan went to see Charles VII he was uncrowned. He lived in a castle at Chinon. He was a good man but had no money. Charles tested her to make sure she was what, she said she was. He let one of his nobles occupy the throne while he was in the ranks of the courtiers. She came in gave the man on the throne a glance then looked right over to Charles and curtisied him. Once this test was passed and she stated her claims she recieved a sword, banner, and command of the kings troops.

1428 Joan has control of Charles troops

Tir joan

Joan with her banner and in her armor, bravely leading the way.

In 1428, the English gathered troops for a campaign into the Loire River valley. City of Orleans on the Loire now became primary focus. Joan was brought to the army at Blois, 35 miles southwest of Orleans. She began to reform troops. This was done by expelling prostitues from the camp and telling the soliders to go to church and confession. With Joan's presence at the camp having a saint lead the army would change the minds of people.

Siege of Orleans

The most important factor that saved France was the siege of Orleans. The English thought that it would be the last conquest to all of France. This was not the case. These battles fought at Orleans restored hope to France. On May 6th, Joan with a large force crossed to Ile-Aux-Toiles. Pursuing the English, the French launched assults against the convent through the afternoon before finally taking it late in the day. The English commander withdrew all of his forces from the South bank except for the garrison at Les Tourelles.

On May 7th, Joan and other French commanders gathered east of Les Tourelles. Attacks were made to barbican and continued throughout the day. Unfourtunately Joan was wounded in the shoulder from an arrow and forced to leave the battle. Shortly after private prayer, Joan rejoined the fighting. Joan sent such a powerful message to her troops. She showed strength in her time of weakness providing hope.

On May 8th,1429 the English withdrew. English commanders decided to pull all forces out of their seige lines and abandon the effort. This was a very happy day for France and of course for Joan as well. The town of Orleans was celebrating and rejoicing. Joan was extremly thrilled because she had completed the first part of her mission God wanted her to do. Now it was time for the second part, making Charles VII the rightful king of France.

  thumb|300px|right|This shows Joan warning the English army about what would happen then they just turn around and leave.

The Battle of Patay

The battle of Patay was fought June 18,1429 between the French and the English outside the village of Patay in north-central France. This was the final battle which resulted in a huge victory for the French. The purpose of this battle was to clear the English from the Loire Valley after Joan's victory at Orleans. The English started going away, they decided to go hiding in the Patay village. The French drew closer. While the English were hiding, a deer jumped out and startled the English army. They came out of their hiding places. The French weapons over rided the English. 4000 English were left dead and only a handful of French perished. This was a slaughter to the English because, they were used to winning the battles fought against the French army.

July 17,1429 Charles VII, was crowned king of France in the cathedral of Reims. Why was this so important to Joan? It was important to Joan because one of her missions was to make Charles the King of France. When she began her missions she proclaimed that she would lead Charles VII to his coronation and anointing. Once he was the official King of France, Joan felt accomplished. She saved the day for France and she was able to make the right man king.

King Charles VII

Charles VII becoming king.

Leading up to the downfall of the great heroine

During the month of May, 1430 Joan was captured by the Burgundians in Compiegne. Shortly after this point she was tried by Cauchon and the Inquisitor of France in 1430 for her many crimes of "witchcraft". After 14 months of interegation Joan was found guilty on 12 different accounts. One charge included her to wear male clothes. While she was in jail she was able to be rehabilitated in a formal court. To people she was seen as an agent of the devil. On May 30th,1431 she was burned at the stake. She was only 19 years old. Her ashes were thrown into the Seine river.


Joan at the stake.

Although Joan of Arc did so much good for her country they still executed her. Joan's death was an inspiration to the French and she became a heroine of France.thumb|300px|right|This is a scene when Joan of Arc is on the stake.


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thumb|300px|right|intersting sorta extra video.

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